About Osteopathy

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a system of health care that uses a hands-on approach to treat the causes of pain or dysfunction. It is a form of natural medicine that focuses on restoring and maintaining the physical well being of your whole body.
For the body to remain in good health, all parts must function together properly, as designed and intended. If one part of your body is restricted, the remainder of the body compensates for that restriction and that compensation may lead to stiffness, inflammation, discomfort, pain or infection. Our bodies have an amazing capacity for self-healing. When the body is balanced, just like a well tuned engine, it will perform with minimum wear and tear, leaving more energy for living. Osteopathic treatments help restore the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
Osteopathic Practitioners recognize that a patient is an integrated whole, thus when the body’s components are in balance, a person feels complete and in total health.
What do Osteopathic Practitioners do?Osteopathic Practitioners are non-invasive manual therapists that have undergone rigorous studies and clinical training for 4 – 5 years. They use a combination of clinical knowledge and a highly skilled sense of touch to identify structural changes and rhythms within the body. Gentle methods are used to encourage the release of stresses and restrictions throughout the body. Osteopathic Practitioners seek to correct any misalignment of bones, muscles, ligaments or tissues that compromise the body’s balance and self-healing ability.
Osteopathic treatments aim to support the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems in order to correct imbalances that are believed to diminish the body’s ability to heal itself and are at the root cause of discomfort, disease and illness.
Most of us have been exposed to physical trauma at some stage in our lives. The body may have been able to absorb the effects of an accident at the time, but a lasting strain often remains. Illnesses and emotional trauma can also leave a lasting physical effect. Gradually the body may find it more and more difficult to cope with accumulated stresses, and symptoms may start to show. Osteopathic Practitioners are trained to feel subtle, rhythmical changes that are present in all body tissues. The impact of injuries and illnesses can cause a wide variety of problems both in the head and in other areas of the body. Osteopathic Practitioners can feel whether a person is in an optimum state of health, or whether there is something preventing healthy movement of the tissues from occurring.
Osteopathic Practitioners give a complete treatment to your whole body, not just parts of it. Your body is an interconnected network of joints, muscles and systems. If you experience hurt or discomfort in one part of your body – this pain will also affect the rest of your body. To ensure your pain and discomfort is found and treated at its source, you can rely on a comprehensive osteopathic treatment.

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